Innovation makes circular dreams come true

As a high-end future innovation company CircuFoam is the number one in foam recycling. Our main purpose is to gain a 100% recyclingcapacity out of mostly PU foam and latex from discarded mattresses. Making next level recycling goals reality is what we achieve with the extraordinary knowledge and experience of our team of chemical specialists. We continue to optimize our production processes at the highest level to deliver the best quality to our customers.



Innovation in recovering raw materials from discarded mattresses

100% Reuse has our main focus

Stimulating reuse contributes to less waste and less exhaustion of the earth. Due to the innovative technology used by CircuFoam, the development of reuse is transitioning to circular. Products are recycled in such a way that they can be 100% reused.

CircuFoam’s activities are unique in the Netherlands. We succeeded to close the chain in sustainable mattress recycling. By recycling PU foam to repolyol, as a high standard raw material, we will make a very important contribution to the circular economy.



Innovation is the basis of the CircuFoam concept. Devise smart and revolutionary technology we keep discovering new opportunities for complete reuse of raw materials. Together with our chain partners, we have made optimal use of converting ideas and innovative techniques into a circular system for 100% PU foam recycling.


Converting smart ideas into concrete processes is the result of our collaboration with chain partners. We strengthen each other with knowledge and experience to improve technical recycling systems. We will continue to work on solid partnerships in the future. Together we can ensure that new circular initiatives get off the ground.


Based on the idea of sustainable recycling of mattresses, we have reached 100% circularity in PU foam recycling. It is our mission to make the world more sustainable and future proof. Focused on that future and the new generation, we no longer want to burden the earth unnecessarily. We focus on circular techniques that will help succeeding.

100% circular thanks to revolutionary recycling technology

Innovation for a better future

Together we are working on the future of the new generation. Making conscious choices now means major benefits for later. Thanks to innovation in recycling, less waste is produced and we focus fully on reuse. At CircuFoam we make an important contribution to a more sustainable future.

At CircuFoam we are creative, always looking out for new collaborations. We provide big improvement by developing innovative recycling technology for circular goals.


Q & A

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