Rebond Foam

Rebond Foam

Due to a state of the art recycling technology CircuFoam produces Rebond as a high end recycled foam product out of discarded mattresses. Extracting raw materials from discarded mattresses is the core business of our partner RetourMatras. In collaboration with RetourMatras, we realize an optimal recycling process and produce reusable foam from which new products can be made. Consider carpet underlay and impact-absorbing floors. PU can be recycled in a high-quality manner and thus we prevent loss of these valuable raw materials.

Significant contribution to the circular economy

Thanks to the RetourMatras method, we are able to make a significant contribution to the circular economy with spectacular results. Not only do we aim for 100% reuse of the materials released from sustainable mattress recycling, we also reduce CO2 emissions. To give an indication, 76 kg of CO2 is saved per mattress and that is revolutionary. Of the materials we extract, PU foam is housed at CircuFoam.

Spectacular results in reuse and CO2 emissions

We process PU foam in two different ways. Why do we do this and how does this innovative recycling technique work?

We make a circular product, Rebond Foam, from the reusable materials released from discarded mattresses. With Rebond Foam we offer an alternative to the current linear system in which raw materials are converted into products that are destroyed at the end of their lifespan. These sustainability measurements are increasingly decisive for municipal tenders.

Rebond Foam is a product that is made in Alphen aan den Rijn (NL) and is marketed by various customers in Europe and the UK. The demand for recycled materials to make renewable products is growing enormously. In order to meet that demand, we want our Rebond Foam product to be of consistent quality. Working on quality and continuing to innovate in the raw materials market requires high-quality technology and innovative processes.

Thanks to the progressiveness of our company and our approach, we can maintain foam production at the highest level. Are you curious about the use of Rebond Foam for sustainable construction projects, playgrounds or sports fields? Please contact us for an introduction.

Recovering raw materials from discarded mattresses

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