PU foam recycling

Recovering raw materials from discarded mattresses

Recovering raw materials from discarded mattresses is our way to of contributing to a circular tomorrow. We continue to optimize our production processes at the highest level to deliver the best quality to our customers.

PU foam recycling is what CircuFoam specializes in. The construction of our new factory in Lelystad is the location where our revolutionary recycling technology is applied. Right next to the RetourMatras mattress recycling factory, so that the foam bales can be processed directly into repolyol after the recycling process. This innovative production process is unique in the Netherlands.

In addition, the entry of CircuFoam as a innovative player in the circular economy will have a major impact on the recovery of raw materials. That is why we put CircuFoam on the map as a separate organization, with RetourMatras as the basis in terms of knowledge and network.

Operational processes at CircuFoam

At CircuFoam in Lelystad, we use chemical processes to achieve 100% recovery of raw materials from discarded mattresses. These processes for PU foam recycling are innovative and highly specialized and are managed by an experienced chemist. In addition to being responsible for the operational processes, the chemist supervises the laboratory technician, machine operator and production employees.

100% circular thanks to revolutionary recycling technology

When the CircuFoam production line is put into operation, which is expected in May 2022, processes and quality will be monitored very carefully. Repolyol must meet strict requirements in order to be used as a raw material for, among other things, the mattress industry. That is why we continue to monitor the chemical processes in our new factory very closely, as well as the quality and requirements of our customers. Only then can repolyol function as a pure raw material for the production of the circular mattress and we can close the chain in a unique way.

Recovering raw materials from discarded mattresses

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