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Repolyol and rebond are circular products that can be used in responsible production processes and sustainable applications. If you are interested in our products and our terms of sale, please leave your details and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


CircuFoam is a company that uses a revolutionary recycling technique to return foam from discarded mattresses to a pure raw material.

Recovering raw materials from discarded mattresses is our way to of contributing to a circular tomorrow. Thanks to a high level knowledge of collecting and selecting foam CircuFoam produces 100% circular raw materials for sustainable production processes. We are the first in the Netherlands to produce repolyol from polyurethane. Repolyol is an oil-based raw material that can be used to make new foam. We also make Rebond from recycled PU foam. The use of Rebond as a sustainable product is popular in carpet underlay and mats for fall absorption.

In Europe and the UK we sell Repolyol and Rebond for several purposes. Repolyol is used as a raw material in the circular manufacturing of furniture and mattresses. Our goal is not to burn old foam, but to recycle it 100% through mechanical and chemical recycling. A specialist team of chemists and laboratory technicians places the highest demands on the product we make. Just like our customers. We therefore only supply the best quality that retains its value through continuous testing.