Recycling foam into new raw materials

At CircuFoam we have a mission to recycle PU foam into a pure raw material from which new PU foam can be made. In the spring of 2022 we will open a new location in Lelystad where we will apply this revolutionary technique. Foam from discarded mattresses is supplied to us by our partner RetourMatras. 100% recycling mattresses into new raw materials is the core business of this mattress recycling company.

Chain closed

The activity that CircuFoam carries out is innovative, circular and unique in the Netherlands, thereby closing the chain in mattress recycling. Making a new mattress from an old mattress is made possible by the production of repolyol from discarded mattresses. With a total recycling capacity of more than 1 million mattresses per year, we will make a very important contribution to the circular economy with CircuFoam.

Subsidy for circular innovation

Thanks to the circular collaboration with our partners and the subsidy from RVO, a 100% circular method in mattress recycling is now concrete. We would like to introduce you to CircuFoam.


DEI+ subsidy from the Dutch government (RVO)

Since CircuFoam works with a new recycling technique, a subsidy of 1.2 million euros was awarded from the Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation of RVO. Organizations can receive a DEI+ subsidy to make the path to a circular economy more accessible. With the subsidy, the government wants to motivate companies to recycle waste as optimally as possible. There is also a strong focus on the reuse of raw materials and where possible to replace fossil raw materials with sustainable alternatives.

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